Our History

Tahia-art showcases the marquisian art, an ancestral polynesian craftmanship passed over the ages within the indigenous families.

Grandfather TEHUA-UA-HUKA was the pilar of the crafters family of the UA-HUKA island, the birds island.

Teiki, Tahia’s father took over his father Tehua becoming one of the most skilled marquisian sculptor.

Teiki shared his knowledge with his wife, sons and daughters who still to this day participate to the marquisian art scene.

The Beginning


Teiki was one of those who helped to spread the marquisian art, most notably when the military ships came to the island in the 60’s. Since then the marquisian isles host two major art exhibitions each year.


The marquisian art has long been forbidden because of the christian religious influences on the islands. Tahia’s family is actively bringing it back under different forms. Notably her son Teiki HUKKENA associating the marquisian culture with tattoos.


Tahia opened her shop in Paopao back in 2005, she exposes and sell art from her family and from all over the marquisian isles.


We decided to launch an online shop to make the marquisian art more accessible. You can see our art pieces online, acquire them and we ship them to you.